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The Benton County Natural Areas, Parks and Events Department, in conjunction with a dedicated advisory committee, and successful partnerships with other agencies and the public, has created stewardship and management plans which have been adopted by the volunteer citizen Parks Advisory Board and the Benton County Board of Commissioners. These areas are updated based on importance and current program/project work:

The most recent plan update is the Resource Stewardship Plan, which includes Beazell Memorial Forest, Fitton Green Open Space and Fort Hoskins Historic Park. The plan was updated by Benton County Natural Areas, Parks and Events Department with the plan being approved during 2021.

The “Benton County Parks System Comprehensive Plan” was adopted in 1995 and contains relevant information. However, due to changes to the park system, it is out of date in several areas. To find the latest version, you can now reference the recently adopted Benton County Natural Areas and Parks System Comprehensive Plan. This plan was adopted September 18, 2012.

During 2014, the department moved to develop a team of volunteers representing private, government, and non-profit organizations in the local community to support development of an Outdoor Education & Recreation Program 5-Year Plan to guide the program development and success.

During 2017, the department supported a south Benton County partnership plan to provides a clear foundation for developing improved multimodal connectivity options in and around the City of Monroe, Oregon. It also connects many previous planning efforts and needs assessments, which establish the need for, and locations of, an interconnected system of paths, trails, sidewalks, and other amenities that will promote bicycle and pedestrian connectivity.  Review the Connectivity Plan: Planning for Community Connectivity in the City of Monroe and South Benton County

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