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Firewood Program


Benton County Natural Areas, Parks, and Events Department issues permits to allow the general public to collect/cut firewood from designated locations within county park properties.  Historic logging and ongoing storm, insect, and other environmental factors can leave Douglas fir, Oregon white oak, and other tree hazards within many park locations across the county.  County Parks’ staff will lead a pilot fee program, to help address these current and future issues.  A $15 daily permit for admin. review and approval will be issued, with requirements for location and collection methods provided by Benton County Natural Resources Coordinator.

Permitting Process

  • Natural Areas & Parks staff mark locations and/or consolidate areas where firewood collecting/cutting is allowed. No felling of trees is allowed.  All wood available has been felled/piled by parks staff or contractors in safe access locations.
  • Applicant completes a Special Use Permit (available for download as a PDF below).
    Applicant provides:
    •  License plate number and vehicle description,
    •  Phone contact (cell phone- if available).
    • Desired date(s) for firewood cutting/collection.
  • Natural Resources Coordinator Staff provide information to applicant on where and how to collect/cut on an approved day(s).  Any violations of permit will result in loss of permit and possible legal action.
  • Applicant pays a $15 daily permit, allowing them to cut/collect for one full day in designated area.
  • Follow up by staff will occur to confirm proper collection.
  • At the end of the fiscal year, review and updates of program will occur.

Submit Your Permit Request

If you would like to learn more about the Benton County Firewood Cutting Program, please contact Adam Stebbins, Benton County Natural Resources Coordinator at: 541-766-6085.

Supporting Documents

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