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Park Use


Park hours are from dawn to dusk. As a general rule no overnight use is allowed this includes vehicles parked overnight. On occasion it may be approved but only when individuals or groups have applied for a Special Use Permit and it has been approved by a Benton County Parks Representative. Additional fees, are charged and specific conditions are set for permitted overnight use.


Please be a good neighbor to the park’s neighbors; of special concern are trespassing, excessive noise, and speeding on nearby roads.


Much of the parks remain in a natural state; poison oak, trees not safe for climbing, drainage ditches, ponds, and other similar natural hazards are present in these areas. Please supervise smaller children to ensure that their play takes place in a safe area.


It is our goal to provide a well-maintained, clean setting for your event; however, we need your help so groups using the park after you also have a pleasant experience. Please remove all decorations, place garbage in the receptacles provided, and wipe down serving counters and table tops. In as much as possible, we ask that you leave the park as clean as you found it. Labor cost for damages or additional cleanup will be charged to the renter.

Service Counters and Tables

For the safety of park patrons, please do not use nails, staples or other fasteners on tables or the shelter. Decorations, paper table coverings and the like may be attached with masking tape. Please use hot pads or other protection when placing hot dishes on the service counters.


Keys are to be picked up at the Parks Office.  They are needed to unlock the posts so a vehicle can be driven up to the shelter area to unload and load. In some parks they are required to access electricity to use the cook tops.  They also allow renters to unlock cabinet to hook-up a hose. Keys are to be picked up by renters before 5pm the day before the scheduled event or if it is a  Sunday reservation the Friday before.

Sanitation Requirements


For groups over 200 people, additional dumpsters are required. You will need to contact the garbage pickup service for the park area. The additional dumpster cost is your group’s responsibility. Please make arrangements for this service.

You will need one extra dumpster for groups of 200-300 people, and two extra dumpsters for over 300 people.


For groups over 200 people, additional restroom facilities are required. For each additional 100 people, one additional Port-a-Potty is required. You will need to contact the portable toilet service for the area. The additional restroom service cost is your group’s responsibility. Please make arrangements for this service.

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