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Outdoor Education & Recreation Program

Our Vision

Develop a partnership to support implementation of a sustainable and adaptable outdoor education and recreation programs that provides annual opportunities within priority Benton County Natural Areas & Parks, with an emphasis on rural and underserved youth and their families

  •  Share information with regional partners on park amenities and capacity for major types of outdoor and site appropriate indoor programs, 
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration, 
  • Help guide participation and joint project/program development activities,
  • Establish and balance scheduling demands as early as possible prior to peak season (spring-early fall),
  • Alleviate heavy seasonal use impacts through advance planning.
  1. 5-Year Outdoor Education and Recreation Program Plan (2018)
  2. 5-Year Outdoor Education and Recreation Program Plan Update (2023)

Park Use Estimation & Survey Project

Starting in 2018, Benton County Natural Areas and Parks Department (NAPD) has completed 5 years of estimating park use, experiences, and values within the natural areas and parks system- a vital part to long-term community support. During the peak season (from May thru August), vehicle traffic counts have been collected along with park-user survey responses. The department plans to implement future park use estimation and surveys within a rotating set of priority parks, during peak season period, to inform future priorities and management while capturing important trends.  Review all park user survey responses and more in the reports below.

  1. Park Use & Estimation Survey (2018)
  2. Park Use & Estimation Survey (2019)
  3. Park Use & Estimation Survey (2020)
  4. Comparison of High Use Park Areas (before and after 2020)

What’s Currently Happening?

We’re happy to announce the following programs and opportunities During Spring, Summer and Fall and occasionally throughout the year!  Check back and follow us on Facebook to learn more and participate!

Natural Areas Celebration Week  Every year the community of outdoor educators, managers, and volunteers, provide a week of free public events.  This year the following special events are being provided by Benton County Natural Areas & Parks during early May.​   Details coming soon! 

GO (Get Outdoors) Day!  The annual National Get Outdoors Day event to be held oat Peavy Arboretum.  This free event is hosted by OSU College of Forestry a, and will feature a variety of hands-on activities to connect youth and families with the great outdoors.

Benton County Outdoor Summer Adventures This collaboration between Benton County Natural Areas and Parks and Corvallis Parks and Recreation provides youth, ages 8 – 11, with 4 days of fun, summer adventures that explore Benton County.

Family Mushroom Day at Beazell Memorial Forest A captivating exploration of the enchanting world of fungi. This event is a partnership event with City of Corvallis and local vendors- tailored for beginners, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the diverse realm of Pacific Northwest mushrooms. You can choose between two engaging sessions: the morning session from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM or the afternoon session from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

These are currently being finalized with limited spots available! Check back and watch for the Corvallis Parks & Recreation Activity Guide!

Supporting Documents

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